Recipe: Perfect Sour bread dough starter

Sour bread dough starter. Before you get started, let's talk about wild yeast, which is the key to a sourdough starter. It will look like a sticky, thick dough. Scrape down the sides and loosely cover the container with the plastic It should also start smelling a little sour and musty.

Sour bread dough starter It is the bacteria that can give your bread the sour taste, this is because the bacteria transform the starch of the flour into lactic acid, acetic acid and alcohol. Your starter must be kept alive with regular feedings of flour and water to maintain its strength for maximum rising power. Use a bread lame, sharp pairing or a small serrated steak knife. You can have Sour bread dough starter using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Sour bread dough starter

  1. Prepare Half of cup Wheat flour.
  2. It’s of Water.
  3. It’s of Flour.

Sourdough bread is made by the fermentation of dough using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. The lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli gives it a more sour taste and improved keeping qualities. (Mostly) Bread Related Q&A with Patrick Ryan. Get back to basics with this amazing sourdough recipe. Patrick Ryan owner of Firehouse Bakery demonstrates how to make your starter for your sourdough.

Sour bread dough starter step by step

  1. Add you wheat flour in a bowl and add half cup flour mix make a sticky dough put it in a container with plastic wrap and leave it in a dry and cool place for 24-48 hour.
  2. Then after the hours pass take half of the dough out and throw it away and put half cup flour and water and mix repeat the same process for 2 weeks take half dough out and put flour and water repeat everyday after 2 weeks it will have a mild sour taste and you will have 1 cup of starter.

Start baking sourdough bread at home with a new yeast starter! If you have a home dough proofer (which I highly recommend) or a yogurt maker, this would be the time to turn it on. If not, a home oven, turned off, with the light on the inside (and a thermometer to monitor the temperature) will work well. Troubleshooting a dough that is not rising or doesn't produce the bread you had in mind. Ideas for what to do with leftover sourdough starter you can't use In this article, we are going for a basic, pleasantly sour sourdough bread.

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